Real shot or Photoshop?

Exciting either way. I like the way the phone is shaping up!


How dare you call it photoshopped when the shot clearly talks about GIMP :yum:


hahaha, just didn’t feel right asking if the image had been gimp’d.


Thanks for the nice comments!

This shot is indeed made of 3D models rendered in Blender and composed in Gimp (both amazing software)

We don’t have a physical prototype of the Librem 5 yet and we are still working on designing the box as we progress with designing the hardware that will be inside.

As for the Librem 15, I also use a 3D model, that matches the real laptop (The model was made by Bassam Kurdali) so it makes this kind of picturing easier and less expensive than setting up a proper photo shooting session.

That said, I plan to do some real world shooting of the laptops in early 2019.

I have already done that with that video =>
Making this video with such close up shots and this kind of lighting was a nightmare because of dust flying around and constantly falling on the laptop. I also had an issue with the camera I used and didn’t get the quality that I was expecting.

Anyway, I will work on making more beautiful photos and videos in the coming year.


Nice work Francois!

Thanks for the background info. I’ve tried taking glamour shots of some of equipment for work, and like you, I found it particularly difficult.

Blender is fantastic! Only messed with Gimp briefly.

Keep up the great work!

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