Rear camera quality

Anyone lucky enough to have a Librem 5 yet? How does the rear camera quality compare to other phones? I’m running an iPhone X at the moment, which has an awesome pair of rear cameras with an excellent HDR algorithm. Just curious if the L5 is anywhere close on image quality.

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Nope, nobody, because they don’t appear to have actually shipped any yet. The only people to get one are attached to the company in some way or another, and are maintaining… odd… silence in the face of questions.

Definitely isn’t going to be as good of a camera as a top tier smartphone, but should be acceptable.

I wouldn’t expect top tier, but hopefully in the range of something mainstream released in the last 4 years.

Ask Bryan Lunduke to review the back camera:


Please ask him to set up a random VPN service using OpenVPN. (I’m not on Social.)

If you want the image quality to be close to your iPhone X , not happening.
iPhone 8? Don’t think so.
iPhone 7 ? Not likely. Super tiny possibility.
Why is that ?
In part, yes it depends on on the lense and sensor. But, the most important is image processing in software. That’s where you need a lot of money and resources. You can have interior hardware compared to competition and still beat them with image quality. That’s why all these Android flagships (except a few) always failed when put to test vs iPhones. They just don’t have enough to invest in it.
Last few years , those who could afford (Google w Pixels & Huawe w Matei) managed to beat Apple. Samsung for the most part matched it.
Mid rangers are miles away. Though, thanks to Google , they drastically improved over the years. They are finally usable.

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I’m not sure how true this actually is. OpenCV does amazing image processing, should be pretty easy to get it set up to take great photos on the L5. Only downside will be it’ll probably suck down the battery fast.


Processing time also can be a problem, if you have to wait 10min between 2 photos, nobody will use it.

I think there is no photo app on current Librem 5’s Pure OS image.
Cheese was the choosen app but I haven’t read about it in a while.

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