Reason why Librem 1x haven't a 2G 3G 4G chip inside?

Hello All, can somewhere explain me why this nice devices haven’t a SIMCARD Slot (2G/3G/4G chip)

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good question, it would have been a nice addition. USB tethering a decent alternative?

In terms of energy consumption, I see this not as an alternative, more than a workaround, if i don’t have a better solution.

Point taken. Especially the LIbrem 11 which doubles up as a tablet, I can’t believe it doesn’t have one.

Also, it’s not just “adding a slot”. You also have to make sure it works software-wise. And you need a baseband processor - and of course one more kill switch :wink:
So, when the Librem 5 is “done”, I guess it would be much easier to add that to the other Librems (if enough people want it).

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