Recent issue with screen on NexDock360

I’ve been using the NexDock successfully for months, but all of a sudden a few nights ago when I plugged in my Librem5, the screen tries to start and then turns off, but the mouse and keyboard keep working.

In the logs the most negative message I see is:

"drm:cdns_mhdp_train_link [cdns_mhdp_drmcore]] *ERROR* training failed: -110"

Was this a result of a recent update or something? uname is showing: 6.2.0-1-librem5

Any one else having issues or need more info to troubleshoot? I plugged the L5 into another USB C dock I have and it worked great.

I have the same kernel installed and my L5 has been working fine with the NexDock 360

I’ve not used the Nextdock for a bit, and I’m struggling to get it work again with the L5. Used to work quite well, the ND360 still works with a nintendo swtich, but I see your same error most of the times; Phosh uses the external screen, I can drag things in it, but no signal is received by the nextdock. Anybody has ideas on what’s going on?
(my suspect is somehow the cable got damaged, so I’m waiting for a new one, but this does not explain why the switch still works with it .-., so no clues)

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The new cable does indeed work. It’s all very fragile (by accidentally touching the cable the signal jumps). I guess it might be a type-C flaky connector on the L5

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