Recently can't send MMS anymore

mmsd-tng runs as a user service, because it is parsing files (the MMS’es) it receives from unknown sources, and that has some security implications. So you do not want that to run as root


Yes, we will be updating this package.


Can this be sped up in any way? I see the package is sitting at 3 days remaining, why does it need 5 days to sit in landing?

to test for bugs or regressions before releasing to a wider group of users.


I am having similar issues even after the recent update of mmsdtng to 1.13.0 and chatty 0.7.0.rc5 (and reboot).

The issues I continue to experience using T-Mobile and carrier’s recommended settings:

-unable to receive SMS
-unable to reliably receive MMS. I have received random spurts of MMS group text and images.

-I am still able to send SMS, but not MMS

Any troubleshooting advice for this issue?

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Your situation and my situation sound similar. My questions are: is it the carrier (T-Mobile) or the software, and does AweSIM eliminate these issues?

just wanted to add to this.
I’m on SIMple plan and no luck with MMS at all

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@librem5 @Sarcasmo220 could you open a terminal on the phone and run the following command:

sudo mmcli -m any --messaging-list-sms

and post the output here.

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purism@pureos:~$ sudo mmcli -m any --messaging-list-sms
[sudo] password for purism:
    /org/freedesktop/ModemManager1/SMS/1 (received)
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ok, so you do not have any issues with messages stuck in the modem.

can you tell me what is the MMS setting you have in the chats application, in: chats > preferences > SMS and MMS settings, it is at the end of the page.

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Name: pwg

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oh this is after recent reboot, let me try sending MMS and then run it.

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I’m still unable to send group SMS or send or receive group MMS or send MMS to a single person. I’m on T-Mobile. I emailed Purism support a few days ago and I was told that MMS is proven to work with SIMple, so I was planning to switch….🫤

For t-mobile can you try these settings;


In in: chats > preferences > SMS and MMS settings, then press apply at the upper left corner.

And let me know if this worked.

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Just rebooted phone sent MMS to/from phone and I see
purism@pureos:~$ sudo mmcli -m any --messaging-list-sms
No sms messages were found

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ok, this means that there is no pending inbound message in the modem. Did the other phone received the MMS?

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nope, other phone didn’t receive MMS.
How do I check if mms is even enabled? (which service should be running?)

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Settings in Chatty prefs and Mobile prefs are what you gave. I am sending .jpg files to iPhones but these are not being received.

The other subscriber is also on T-Mobile. I can receive images that the single person sends to me. They can’t see pictures I’m trying to send to them.

MMS is completely fine with SIMple.
I had to re-flash the phone and now everything is good.