Recently can't send MMS anymore

The date is right.

After updating, click on a person with many Chatty messages from the list to forcibly terminate Chatty. Help me.

Are you saying that chatty blocks on conversations with long messages?

After the OS update, chatty crashes when I try to open messages only for my wife who sends SMS messages in chatty. I can’t read the message inside. I can read the contents of other people’s messages because the number of messages is small. Only my wife is sending and receiving 300 to 500 messages, so for some reason chatty crashes when I open it. Please help me. Please.

Everything being equal as of March 2023 i have ordered a new L5 BroadMobi modem BM818-A1 using AWESIM and installed it in my existing L5. I did not change anything but the modem and the kernel, and Chatty software was otherwise identical, MMS (e.g. sending jpg pictures to a single person ~200KB size) works now. In addition when placing a call it is now ringing, which it did not do before all settings being equal. So to me that means that either the original modem P/N: BMCM1DOE1ACDB325 had a hardware defect, or more likely had older firmware installed from the factory (~2019 firmware based on L5 shipping date), compared to my new BM818 modem, shipped 2023 that has newer firmware installed (2020+).

My recommendation to Purism would be that all old BM818 modems with 2019 firmware need to be reflashed with 2020 plus firmware for AWESIM, or SIMPLE Purism plan users on T-Mobile because it appears to work slightly better with mms and haven’t noticed any downsides yet. Providing the procedures online or on this forum to do so may resolve a lot of peoples issues and time consumed trouble shooting. I have looked on the Broadmobi website, but didn’t find any firmware or instructions on how to upgrade the firmware.

This suggestions aside i find Purism documentation to be world class and way better than what i have seen produced by Windows or Apple.

Interestingly receiving images of ~1MB from another iPhone user still does not seem to work but that could be related to many other MMS type receiving parsing issues. I sent myself a 1.6MB .jpg image and that was sent and received just fine.


Yes, this too was my experience also, after installing a newer BM818-A1 modem. Unfortunately, the other bugs in the ointment, for me, are now the random, occult modem disconnects, so I’ve switched back to iPhone, for now. Others have posted scripts to alert any modem disconnect. I’d rather wait for a real fix, but I don’t know when that will happen.

Maybe soon: Cell modem failing? et seq

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