Reclaiming Unallocated Space

Does anyone know how to extend unused partition space into your encrypted partition? Although a small amount, I’m trying to move the 1.96GB & 1.02MB back to my encrypted partition.

You can only extend boot partition to claim unallocated space.
fdisk to extend partition. Drop and create anew, don’t worry, it will only override partition table, not the partition content/data.
Then resize2fs.
Or, create a new partition in unallocated space and use LVM to make a jbod array… not sure if it will preserve the data though >_>

I was able to unmount the /boot partition, and resize to reclaim the 1.96GB, then remount the /boot, and it appears to work just fine. Can’t figure out that 1.02MB one though. Not that it’s a big deal because it is just…1 MB. :slight_smile: