Recommend DVD drive to use with Librem?

Title says it all…


Most USB DVD/CD drives will work with GNU/Linux OSs such as PureOS because they have to be compatible with the BIOS of the machine so people can boot cdroms. The only snag is playing DVDs with GNU/Linux, which requires libdvdcss2 to play the video. Some information on this can be found here and here (PureOS is based on Debian testing, so the Debian wiki applies).

Simply, choose any you like with a USB 2 or 3 connector (not an apple powerdrive, those won’t work).

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thanks. Not so interested in commercial DVDs, just my library of burned data, MP3, mp4, jpg, etc, stuff that needs sorting and culling, resave to SSDs before it degrades. I find myself without a single device anymore that can play OR burn discs, but hundreds of discs… I just threw away some 3.5 and 5-1/4 floppys from highschool projects of a long long time ago :wink: