Recommended adhesive to reattach rubber feet

The adhesive on the rubber feet of my Librem 13 weaken after use, probably due to heat and sliding the laptop on surfaces while typing.

Two rubber feet have already fallen out. Luckily while at home…

Does anyone know what would be a safe and effective adhesive/glue to use for reattaching them to the case?

Someone mentioned Vibra-TITE 388 but I can’t find a supplier in Germany.

Maybe something like that or that

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll look into it.

In any case if anyone knows of a European equivalent of this vibra-tite adhesive or something similar, that would be helpful as well.

I have ordered some new ones from Purism:

On the back, it reads 3M 9948 Double Coated Tissue. You can buy tape of this kind.