Recover my Flashed USB to a normal USB drive

I Flashed my USB BalenaEtcher with PureOS
I lost my 2 partitions. Is there any way transform the USB back to NTFS?

If you need to restore the content then you will need to have backed up (imaged) the USB drive.

If you don’t care about the content but you do care about what empty file system is on it then … there is barely a need to put an NTFS file system back on the drive. No Linux system would want that. If a Windows system wants that then surely the Windows system can itself do that.

If you really want to use Linux to put an NTFS file system on the drive then gparted can presumably do that.

Indeed. Delete the partitions and create one new NTFS partition. EZPZ.

When i clean it it says
DiskPart has encountered an error: Cannot find file.
The same when trying to format it.

If you’re using windows search in the start menu for disk manager or disk management and use that to delete the partitions and create the new one. Its gparted-esque.

gparted-esque is chineese for me. I tried with graphical and diskpart. I get the same error.

If you are trying on Windows then you are asking in the wrong forum !!!

If you want to try this on Linux then use the gparted command, which will run a GUI application to do the job.

  • Create a new partition table (wiping out the old one)
  • create a new partition (or more than one partition if that’s what you want), sizing the partition(s) as you see fit
  • put the desired file system type on each partition (e.g. NTFS if that’s what you want).

Needless to say … exercise extreme care when doing this. Make sure you select the correct disk, since doing this will erase all existing content, which would be bad if you selected the wrong disk.

I think @Gavaudan means that the GUI tools for partitioning and formatting a disk that exist under Windows have a similar user interface to gparted on Linux.

On Linux you can use gparted (GUI) or fdisk (CLI). But if you need an answer for Windows, you’d better look for it on the appropriate forum.