Recovering encrypted SSD Drive while L14 is Bricked

My Librem 14 running qubes is bricked. No boot, no lights, no charge.
Does anyone have a decent solution to pull data from an encrypted SSD drive? I dont have a second Librem but I do have another laptop.

Is it luks encrypted? If so then put it into another computer or external disk tray.

cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/??? thedrive
mount /dev/mapper/thedrive /mnt
or something like that.

Come to think of it, many Linux distros will mount an encrypted drive graphically using your file manager. It will just as you for the password when you try and open it.

As @adamd said, but with some more details:

  1. Remove the drive, plug into another computer as a secondary drive or have some kind of live media you can run on the second computer.
  2. Assuming the drive is presented under lsblk as /dev/sdX, decrypt the drive with sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdX myDrive (“myDrive” can be any name you want to use, it’s just temporary)
  3. a. If your drive only has a single encrypted partition, sudo mount /dev/mapper/myDrive
    b. If you’re using LVM on your drive, each logical volume will be mapped under /dev/mapper. For a volume called “myVolume” it should be something like /dev/mapper/myDrive-myVolume, so mount it with sudo mount /dev/mapper/myDrive-myVolume
  4. Access your files under /mnt.
  5. When finished, sudo umount /mnt (or just shut down graphically, which will do this step and the next automatically)
  6. sudo cryptsetup luksClose myDrive

On step 3, just see what shows up under /dev/mapper so you know what to use for the following commands.

Looking through the cryptsetup manpages, it looks like you can also use “open” and “close” instead of “luksOpen” and “luksClose”.

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Thank you so much. Grateful to have community support here.

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