Recovery email address problem

I wanted to try the service so i tried to register. it says my recovery email is already in use (didnt know that! weird). so i went back and told it i have lost my password and was asked to put in my recovery email. this time it says there is no such account. strange…

anyway a recovery email shouldnt necesarily be unique, that doesnt make much sense. if users decides to share an email-address purism should not dictate otherwise.


In case this situation is not yet solved can you please send an email to:
with the email that you wanted to use as recovery email so we can check this situation?

I have the same problem.
I used the same recovery mail for two accounts.

Now I cannot log in to the first account.

I sent an email to a few minutes ago.

Thank you for looking into this issue.

And we are looking into it now :slight_smile:

I had the same problem, so I tried again using a different email address for Librem One and that worked fine. I can still long in here with my original email address.