Recovery from bad BIOS flash

How to recover my laptop from bad BIOS flashing? Fortionally, nothing happend, but i worried about it, because i make some changes on BIOS and if i will continue to change ricky BIOS settings, i will broke my BIOS image.

I like this idea, would there be a ultimate unbrick mode when coreboot failed, just like qualcomm’s “9008 mode” or so ?

This is good idea, but technically, is backdoor. And this microprogram flashed in one time programmable memory inside processor. It means that you can’t change or disable this recovery mode.

You are right. What about let there be 2 bios slots, and switch slot on failure ?

I think if its really messed up you would need a tool like this to rewrite the spi flash
on the main board. This is how you would get coreboot one devices like lenovo thinkpads.



i’ve seen this on the new proprietary gigabyte aorus xtreme Am4 board …

I can buy it, but i don’t know, how to find BIOS chip. It placed on opposite side of motherboard? But i disassembled my laptop and it’s very hard to reach opposite side of motherboard.

a simple ch341a USB programmer is all you need to flash, you can get it with wires and a chip clip for ~$10 USD. The firmware SPI flash ship is easily identified on the top side of the board, I’ll try to add this to the wiki page


Thanks! Please, leave link in this thread when page becomes ready.