Redox on librem 5

i would be great if i could run redox os on librem 5!

or i want to see applications written in rust on libream 5!


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The Librem 5 will have a iMX6 (32 bits CPU ARMv7 architecture) or a iMX8 (64 bits CPU ARMv8 architecture) depending on the availability of the MX8. See:

Now you can verify if Rust can be compiled for the Librem 5:

I don’t know much about the Redox OS. We will have free drivers so it’s up to the developers of the project to support the hardware.

Theoretically it should be possible, but someone will have to do it and I think Purism don’t want to “waste” time on that.

Maybe it would be nice, if Purism would contribute in becoming sponsor in "Redox Summer of Code" on the project idea of ARM 64-bit Support and maybe, who knows, in the future Redox OS on Librem 5 could become reallty.