Redshift app on PureOS Librem laptop

Does Redshift work on the latest PureOS? I downloaded it from the Software app but it doesn’t seem to work for me.

Not sure about Redshift, but looking it up, it seems redundant to the “Night Light” function that is built-in. Check out Settings -> Display -> Night Light.

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Yes, I am using it on Librem 15 with Qubes.

Is this a Gnome thing or a general PureOS setting. I can not find it under mate desktop.

To use redshift you have to install redshift-gtk, startit and enable autostart.

Most likely, I’m on Gnome.

Hello, I’m on Void Linux and XFCE, but maybe it helps if you create a ~/.config/redshift/redshift.conf file and insert your latitude and longitude there.

I had to do that and I used this sample file.

And the actual program I started is “redshift-gtk”. (I installed “redshift-gtk” and that pulled in the “redshift” package.)