Redshift not shifting red (solved)

I downloaded Redshift from the official repo. When started, it does not change the screen colors and does not show any status icon.
When started manually in terminal, it echos the changing color temperatures but nothing changes.
What could be the problem?

PureOS by default uses Wayland, and Wayland at the moment does not support, among other things, changing colour temperatures.

I was able to get this working by switching to Xorg for the session. At the login screen, click the little gear next to the Sign In button and choose ‘GNOME on Xorg’ from the popup, then sign in as usual.

thanks that solves it!! :slight_smile:

You could also go into settings, then devices and select display and you have the option to turn on night light.
hope that helps

ohhhhh i specifically looked for such an option and must have overlooked it, which seems really strange there being so few settings. Thanks a lot, i prefer such a built-in option!