Reflashing the Librem 5 but ...!

I’m trying to reflash the Librem 5 (Evergreen) but i have thing message
“No space left on device” !

Is someone can help me ?

The image is about 4 GB, so your USB drive needs to be over that capacity on top of the PureOS image to successfully flash the Librem 5.

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Thanks but its capacity is 64GB

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  1. Download the librem5r4.img.xz and extract it using Archive Manager into the root of librem5-flash-image. Additionally, place u-boot-librem5.imx into the same directory.

  2. Execute:

cd librem5-flash-image
./scripts/librem5-flash-image --skip-download --dir ./

Hi Frankly,
Thanks a lot for your help, it helped a lot.
I finally understood that there was not enough space on my PurOS Live flash drive. And as I still had 10 Gb that I did not use by the disk of my laptop I created a partition in NTFS and then configure the web browser to use this space during downloads.
Then I could flash my phone without worries.
Another question :
Do you know if there is a special configuration to be made on the phone to obtain the use of the battery? Would there be on the net information about it.

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If you are referring to battery metrics, like apps that drain the most battery, or average screentime per month, then I have no clue.


If I did not understand what you intended to mean, I highly suggest rephrasing your question.

Do you mean that you want to see the battery charge percentage on the top line of the screen?

If so, Settings / Power / Show battery percentage

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Sorry for my awkwardness in English, it has always been difficult for me.
May be like this :
If there is a special setup to do on the phone to get the best use of the battery ?

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Yes, you can enable suspend, but it is still experimental.

Otherwise, I keep the hardware killswitches active, disable Bluetooth, and significantly reduce the screen brightness to prolong the battery life.