[Refund Req] Librem 5 PREORDER from 2018-Sept-4, estimated for Q1-2022

I’m curious to know how you all would rank the following groups in order of precedence for L5 USA shipment:

  1. People who did not crowdfund the regular L5, but ordered an L5 USA when it was first announced.

  2. People who did crowdfund the regular L5, whose place in the queue has already come up and was deferred to a later batch, but then elected to move into the L5 USA queue instead.

  3. People who did crowdfund the regular L5, whose place in the queue has not come up yet, but elected to move into the L5 USA queue instead.

  4. People who did not crowdfund the regular L5, but ordered an L5 USA after 1, 2, and 3 above.

Additionally, which order of precedence do you think Purism is following.

The L5 USA is a different product with its own queue of orders.

My understanding (and expectation) is that they are simply shipping L5 USA units in the order they were ordered — irrespectively of how. That is, you may have been a crowfunder from day dot elected to wait for your regular Evergreen, but if you upgrade that old order to L5 USA, you will not get it before the newbie who placed an L5 USA order just before the day you upgraded.

But anyone who can prove me wrong please do.

I was told my place in the L5 line would be honored in the L5 USA line…in other words, I (as a dogwood person) would come before any Elm person who wanted an L5 USA, and certainly before anyone who wasn’t a crowdfunder at all.

My understanding is the stated policy was 2, 3, 1, 4…

Crowdfunders whose place came up, first, then crowdfunders whos place hasn’t come up*** then people who ordered L5 USA early, then people who order it now.

***provided their original order date is earlier than the early L5 USA orders.

In other words, it would go by original order date. Now, they did hold a lottery way back when and some people got put into earlier L5 batches than would otherwise have been the case (I think I was one of them, actually). That would modify the ordering slightly from a strict original order date.

Right… So it means if a newbie places an L5 USA order from scratch, waits say 80 days, a unit for them becomes available but on the 81st day some old backer upgrades to L5 USA — the unit will go to the backer, and the newbie will wait for the next unit.

However, that still does not negate the expectation that the 90-day lead time is either honored for everyone, or withdrawn from the product page. None of which is happening.

That said, on a 90-day frame, the considerations of who gets the units first are not that important comparing to the years people wait for regular L5’s,

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That’s both what I expect, and what I understand their policy to be.

I am a fairly late backer, but still preordered the regular Librem 5 long before it was available. I decided to switch (with some misgivings because the price was triple what I originally paid). They haven’t honored that; they haven’t honored anything.

I’ve waited years for some sort of phone.

I agree with you about what they should (not) put on their page. Not negated either way.

With what money?? Mine have been stolen by Purism. I’ll write about that soon.

to steal:
verb (used with object), stole, sto·len, steal·ing.

to take (the property of another or others) without permission or right, especially secretly or by force [dictionary.com]

Angry, confused and broke? You’ve got it rough!

And you’ve got it 2 out of 3 wrong.

And you’ve got it 2 out of 3 wrong.

Yes of course. My mistake.

Could you please not. That doesn’t help anyone.


None of this is helping anyone.

It might be helping me.

If you think what’s going on here is something you need, then what you actually need is to reevaluate.

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And I’m thinking you are trying to make the moderators to close this topic. Stop it.

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Reevaluate what?

Your needs.

The mods have wills of their own. I’m just making an observation.

My needs are to either have the product I purchased or else have my money back. I don’t think I need to reevaluate that.

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Right! And this thread has devolved into feeding impatience and hate. Nothing here is going to improve anything about your or anyone’s situation.

Aren’t you a little rude trying to stop our discussions? Go away!