[Refund Req] Librem 5 PREORDER from 2018-Sept-4, estimated for Q1-2022

(My previous attempt to sell it was before the 6 month shipping break. That topic is obsolete now).


UPDATE Dec. 8th, 2021: I have requested a refund. The offer is not valid anymore.

I’m selling a preorder for a Librem 5 (regular) that I’ve made on Sept 4th 2018. I paid $599 three years ago, and I’m asking for $800. As of today, Nov 14th, 2021, its current “Estimated Shipping Date: Librem 5 - 1st Quarter 2022”.

Purism Support is able to transfer preoders between shopping accounts and they’ve done it before.

If you’ll buy my preorder you will:

  • own the preorder in your shopping account
  • pay $800 instead of $1199 current price
  • pay the tax for the money transfer to my bank account (I’m in Romania, EU)
  • pay import taxes for $599 instead of $1199 (if applies to you)
  • pay nothing for shipping (free shipping directly from Purism)
  • possible receive it in a few months instead of a year for new orders
  • received it directly from Purism at the address you specify
  • be able to choose the cellular modem to match your area
  • be able to buy phone accessories that will be shipped with the phone (no extra shipping cost).
  • get only(!) $599 back if you’ll ask later for a refund from Purism.

Good luck!


hey I’m very interested, do you have proof this is ok with Purism that you can supply me please?

No, I don’t have one. But there were on this forum previous cases that acknowledge preorder transfers done by Support. Also a previous interested person for my preorder asked them if this was ok and they say yes. But I have no guarantees they will do that now or for my preorder. I’ll return the money back to you if we fail to move the order.

I’ve just searched and here are a couple of previous cases:

Why people selling their pre-order have to add extra money to the amount they’ve paid, in this case 1/3 ($200)? Is this how OpenSource minded folks should behave?

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Please, you and others, don’t hijack this topic (too) with any (philosophical) discussions that are not directly related to selling /buying my preorder. If you are not interested, don’t waste your time and ours. Lets keep the topic clean and on-topic. Thanks.


It’s my time I’m wasting and not your duty to set rules of reply.

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Please use the Reply option “Reply as linked topic”. Then you can pursue your topic, people who are interested can follow the link to your topic, and people who are only interested in buying / selling a phone do not have to wade through pages of flame wars.


I suggest you ask Purism directly. support@puri.sm

apologies my fiend I bought a USA model


I’ve finally decided to go and ask (and to battle!) for a refund. Before I’ll do that, I’ll wait a couple of days more, perhaps someone new haven’t seen my topic yet and it is interested to buy my preorder.

You are trying to sell your preorder with 33% above what you have paid. Beeing polite prohibits me to express my feeling about such act.


Good luck with the refund.

I was just thinking if I get refund for my “in-stock-lead-time-90-days-still-awaiting-shipment-after-154-days” L5 USA, then I might offer you $450 for your preorder. No offense, that’s just how I realistically assess the prospects of getting the phone.

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Purism is selling the same shit at three times more than my 33%, so $1200 (so 100%) and delivers it 4 times later. How would you express your feelings about that?

First I would not call it “shit”, in your case also because you never have had it in your hands and you’re talking as a blind person about colors. I’m very happy with my device, even if there are issues (for example with the GNSS ship).

The price increase after the campaign is normal and was announced, i.e. you know it before buying.

What you are doing, I would call misusing the situation of so many folks waiting for the devices for own benefit. Honest people would give away the device (not even delivered) for the price they had paid.


I’ve only called it “shit” because it is made by such a bad company and because you came again to annoy me and I hadn’t woke up properly then.

I don’t care how good or bad the device is. If it’s made by Purism, stay away from it. I don’t try to persuade any one to buy a L5, quite the opposite! But if you are determine to buy one now, I just happened to have a great deal for you and for me. You can call me whatever you want - I only can tell you that you don’t know me.

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Particularly as the seller of the item? It’s not the most compelling marketing campaign I’ve ever seen. “Buy my shit device !”. :rofl:


I’ve just emailed Support and requested a full refund. My offer is not valid anymore.

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:heart: Everything is going to be okay. :heart:

No, it’s not.

What I wrote:

“I’m expecting the refund to be processed immediately. The reason for this refund request is that I’m very upset with Purism. It took a while for me to realize all the misleadings and all the tricks this company used to fool me buying a phone and then time after time creating the appearances they will deliver it to me only for that to be postponed again and again. I will fight very hard if you’ll try to postpone refunding me. All the deadlines have been broken years ago. So just refund me now!”

They replied with:

“We have received your request to cancel your pre-order, however we cannot fulfill it at the moment, per our pre-order policy, clients are contacted when their pre-order is ready to ship to confirm shipping details, at which point you can decline shipping and opt to receive a full refund.
While potentially frustrating, this is standard procedure for custom/pre-order items, and ensures the funds necessary for pre-order product batches are in place when they are required to ensure the batch is manufactured.
We expect to reach your place in the pre-order in a couple of months, Q1 2022 at the latest.”

I guess this means war… Fine, I’ll do my part in that. There is no winner in a war – both sides are loosing. But it’s better than only me loosing.