Refurbished Librem laptops on sale!

Head on to our shop to see available models and options:


Perhaps not the biggest deal, but it looks to me like the pictures on the Librem 15 page are of the Librem 13

Thanks for the heads up @taylor-williamc

Also, wanted to let folks know we’re having a sale on new laptops as well:

is it just me or is the v5 around the corner ?

there are discounts on last generation products before a new product releases so this is to be expected …

There were discounts on new Librem laptops last August too…
Anyway I hope in a v5 soon.
Last December @nicole.faerber wrote:

We are also continuously working on further development and enhancement of our laptop products and there will be exciting announcements in 2020, stay tuned!

In this post:

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Are the refurbished laptops sold with RAM versions that support standby of at least a few days (no more battery drain)?

Background: The original RAM from Crucial CT16G4SFD8213.C16HF1 that was delivered two years ago caused high battery drain: Battery drain while suspended

@Freedom_Right I imagine that this post sheds a little bit of light on that statement:

But more to come, stay tuned


Where do these devices come from? Does Purism offer a free trail? Or they recycle(buy) used ones from users?

How do Purism make sure the device is safe before resell? I mean, if someone install a spy device, or do some sneaky change to the laptop, how well can Purism detect that in the refurbishing process?


Yeah, I want to know. I’m kind of in need of a new laptop as my old one has a power issue (not a purism laptop) and it won’t stay changed, and even plugged in has to be recharged after an hour of use.