Regarding adding software to our Librem Mini V2/ seeing whats fully available by default repo

Regarding adding software to our Librem Mini V2/ seeing whats fully available by default repo

I want to add LibreWolf, Tor Browser other essential software.

After re-installing the OS recently, the Software manager (default one whatever name is) had no updates available. I knew there must be so i added the Package manager and Packages to get closer and then had the options appear which was a lot of them.
Yesterday the Packages app wouldn’t open. After much flaffing around (more hours)an OS update appeared in the Software manager so i agreed and rebooted as advised after also

Then the Librem key wouldnt work so i bi-passed that again for now. Things a massive pain in the nect but perhaps another topic, for now i go around because it hardly ever complies with my efforts and is adding too much complexity on top of a new challenging system

So i dont really comprehend how the software is accessable here in PureOS. I would like to try stick to the PureOS Repo when possible as i trust its efforts, particularly to dedication to Libre software, which is high priority to me also.

Im not confident im seeing all the available software, how to be sure/ do it?
Whats going on with all this stuff, so complex. Cant i just see all of it thats available to save flaffing around confused?
Like Flatpack, i read about it in some posts including from the site and its not clear whats available and not. Was that just for the Librem phone?

Is Flatpack available to me in PureOS default Repo?
I see some packages installed about it but dont see any apps

If someone knows about how to use this thing please advise something helpful if you know it.


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FranklyFlawless yes i know the links but need to understand whats available in PureOS and not which is the bigger picture when trying to install software in Omnipotence and in correct order. The Tar file of Tor browser is not a good place to start.

Can anyone add something helpful to comprehend how PureOS works in this way of getting software it seems theres more available than i can see. Like Firefox wasnt in Software but was in Packets… Trying to get a full sollution by knowing whats going on…

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Surely LibreWolf is available in our Repo, if not why the heck not, am i supposed to suffer just these default tracked by default options…
And Tor browser, everyone needs that so should be here without the complexity of downloading an unreliable method like adding a tar file to the system .

Anyway, at least to know whats here and not will be a good start, someone must know about it. Thanks

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sudo apt list

I’m new to PureOS, does anyone know a user friendly way to see what apps are available in the default PureOS Repo?

Is Flatpak options included yet? im sure i read it was to be and think its a great idea to fill in the voids

Sorry im not good on the terminal but i try learn it as i go, always try but in that case i dont know what the outputs saying its pretty complex

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Yes, and are included remote repositories.

Does anyone know how i can add or search our Flatpak repo? When i use the terminal command suggested above i cant even find firefox which i know i have installed. Its also a terribly complex view of all packages when i really just want to see apps…
Is there something someone can add to help me understand whats available? The software manager doesnt show Firefox either yet Packages does. Sorry for the lack of understanding im new to PureOS

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flatpak search <filename>

@FranklyFlawless, please stop repluing to my posts, you may be well intended but your answers are way above my ability level. I need more basic answers that consider my question properly. No offence but if you stop replying maybe someone else will consider replying when they dont see my questions answered. Thanks anyway, im just new to PureOS like i explained and only have limited Linux experience from Mint before if that explains something. All the time you replied me with links could be replaced with a simple considered answer im sure but beggers cant be choosers i get that

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Sure, I will stop replying as requested, and wish you good luck with resolving your issues.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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If someone can help me to understand what software is available to me by default in PureOS please add something in simple terms that i may understand. Thanks

1 Like and do i see the apps in those two stores i dont think theyre by default showing up?

@lotty I saw a few questions above, let me try to cover each, if I missed something please feel free to remind me.

Software app

It sounds like you found this already, but just to be 100% sure we are on the same page, you can find the Software app in the applications menu. Click Activities in the upper-left corner, click the nine dots on the left edge (“Show Applications”), look for Software (scroll if it’s not on the first page).

PureOS packages and PureOS Store Flatpaks

Both of these are available out of the box. The Software app searches both. For example, if you click the magnifying glass in the upper-left corner, then search for “geary”, you’ll find Geary (the email app). Click on that, and in the upper-right corner you’ll see “Source - PureOS”. PureOS is a drop-down, click on that and you’ll see that there’s a PureOS Store Flatpak and a PureOS package. You can select either and install it.

You can also browse PureOS Store Flatpaks on the web:


Flathub isn’t enabled by default. If you want to enable it, go here: PureOS Flathub Setup | Flathub - download the “Flathub repository file”, open it and install it. Then Software will also search Flatpaks from Flathub.

Librem Key setup

I mentioned this in another thread as well, whenever you reinstall the OS you should perform an OEM reset to reinitialize your Librem Key and sign the new boot files. Go to the PureBoot main menu → Change configuration settings → OEM Factory Reset / Re-Ownership.

If you would like specific help with that I would suggest creating another thread, I don’t want to overwhelm with an even longer post :slightly_smiling_face:

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