Regarding the privacy hardware switches


Would the microphone switch be neutralized by a nefarious 3rd party being able to translate vibration signals from the motion sensor ?


This might be possible in theory, or at least one cannot safely assume the opposite. I think there was a different thread about it relating to kill switches for all sensors. Earlier this year Purism revealed Lockdown mode which can turn off all sensors, too.


oh so the switches might turn off all sensors? very cool. was lockdown mode from what you recall hardware or software initiated?


I purposefully crafted a link to the article in my reply :wink:
Explains it all. Hardware of course. No cheap solutions with Purism.


oh sorry . i missed the link color haha


wow , this phone is serious “or even shut down or wipe the phone (although I’d suggest you set up some kind of PIN prompt for that last one, in case you trigger all the switches by accident).”


one reason why i don’t like using embeded links. but it saves space. yeah L5 is a beast !