Reinstalling PureOS - Can't get the original disk encryption setup


Out of the box, my Librem 13 v2 was awesome. Ran the initial setup and had the disk encryption, pre OS load, message prompt for my password.

Hosed a few programs with the upgrade and decided to wipe and start from scratch.

Have the latest download of PureOS and am booting and installing successfully from USB following these directions: (which doesn’t include disk encryption options)

I seem to either hose the startup by encrypting the wrong directory, so computer won’t boot properly… or I am prompted with a generic terminal message to unencrypt at boot but this still won’t let me enter my password.

How do I get my setup to be just like it was out of the box when I received the librem 13 v2 ?



Download and “burn” our OEM setup image to your USB drive and start it:


Awesome. Will try that now!

Any tips on how to get right click working with two finger touch?


Maybe editing xorg config you can modify the behaviour of the touchpad, read this link:

“TapButton2” option


This works for me by default. However, with the out-of-the-tree driver I suggested you, this feature is not available.


FWIW I ended up installing Fedora because I was having the same issue as the OP. I had purchased my own SSD, so needed to do a fresh install. With PureOS live trying to do full disk encryption resulted in a text-based prompt for password and locked keyboard so the password could not be entered. The only way I could get a partial solution was by doing a manual partition scheme and encrypting /home but leaving / unencrypted. Still a pre-GUI password prompt to decrypt home, but it at least worked. I even tried installing PureOS-OEM but could’t get that to work either.


Our devs are working on a fix for the issue with encrypted install:


That link throws a 404 error, have you got an updated link as I need to reinstall the OS and put the machine back to factory settings, thanks


Hi @cameltoe,

The latest link seems to be:


Link for OEM based installation images: