Relashed phone, no disk encryption

I reflashed my phone, using these instructions.

After it completed, I updated it and began reinstalling my apps. Then I realized during reboots, I wasn’t asked for the disk encryption key. I went to disks and the option for changing the password is greyed out. Is there a way to enable disk encryption now? Or do I have to reflash again?
If i have to reflash again, what did I miss the first time around?
One note, when I got to the point during the reflash, when I installed the battery, the light went solid yellow not red. The script continued running so I figured it wasn’t a problem.

I believe you have to specify the variant as LUKS to the librem5-flash-image script with --variant luks.


Yes, if you didn’t specify the LUKS variant.

Is this documented in the reflash instruccions?

That it must be done over? Or that it has to be specified?

The above cited documentation does not say anything about --variant LUKS.

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I know that.

P.S. That’s how I ended up with a non-encrypted phone, too. (But I was too lazy to do it over.)

I got it reflashed again, seems good now.

Thanks for the replies

Just looked at my disks to change the password.
It’s showing two 31 GB partitions, is this right?
Should all the partitions be encrypted?

Cab you please write the exact command and its outout here. Then I would update the Wiki page. Thanks

Yes. One represents the encrypted partition, the other is the logical volume that represents the decrypted encrypted partition. Its just a way to show what sort of partition (filesystem, etc) the encrypted partition is when its decrypted.

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Will do, Im not home right now. The bookmark is on my laptop. I’ll post it later today.

It’s like Russian dolls. You can’t see what’s in the encrypted one until you open it.


Here’s the Wiki:

and here’s the script
sudo ./scripts/librem5-flash-image --variant luks

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This is not the source. The source is in GitLab:
but I can’t edit it there either.

@guido.gunther, could you please take care and modify it accordingly. Thanks

You can clone fork the repo, create your own branch, edit the page and send a merge request to the original repo.

I’ve got the feeling that I should remember a reason why the documentation isn’t updated, yet. I believe that there is missing the part that would re-encrypt the luks partition of the downloaded image to not use the ecryption key of the downloaded image in production (that would make the target phone decryptable to any person with access to the downloaded image - no matter how much one would change the passphrase protecting the encryption key).

But it is just a uncertain feeling that this really is the reason. We’d have to look over the installation process to make sure what the status is.

What happened to the previous lashes? Is it getting punished again with relashes?

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I’m used to use CVS and SVN, but not git. So forgive me my question. I added my public SSH key to Purism’s git server and did:

git clone

vim Development_Environment/Phone/Troubleshooting/Reflashing_the_Phone.rst

git commit -m 'added --variant luks' Development_E
[master a386736] added --variant luks
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

But now I’m lost and dont know how to file the merge request. Thanks

Sorry, I mixed up terminology: I wrote ‘clone’, but meant ‘fork’. You need to fork the repository, then use your own fork to do the changes and then you can commit a merge request.

Once you’ll have your own fork updated (preferably in a dedicated branch for this patch) you can start the merge request easily through the web interface of .

guru@c720-r368166:~ $ git fork
git: 'fork' is not a git command. See 'git --help'.

The most similar command is
guru@c720-r368166:~ $ git --help | grep -i fork
guru@c720-r368166:~ $ git --help | grep -i branch
   branch            List, create, or delete branches
   switch            Switch branches
   pull              Fetch from and integrate with another repository or a local branch
guru@c720-r368166:~ $ 

perhaps you mean pull?

Is there a tutorial or even rules to use git within Purism?