Remember your promo for the Librem5

Please don’t understand this post as bashing, but do you remember your promo video for the Librem 5 from march 2020? Not? Follow this link:
Yes, I have my Librem 5 since March 2021 and I accepted at that point, that it was far from being user ready. But I still cannot use it for my daily purpose. Yes, I really use Signal and I really need a calendar that provides a clear view of the current day, a calendar I can handle with my fingers… optimized for small mobile touchscreens…
My son is at the age of the boy in the above mentioned video. I don’t want him to be spied by big tech, but I would not !! buy a Librem 5 for him at this point. If I buy a smartphone for him I wish that the basic functions and basic apps work reliable, reliable, reliable!
I use debian on my PCs and notebooks as my daily driver since the 90th and I still like it. It’s stable! No system crashes! The Librem 5 crashes too often. O.k., maybe these are no kernel crashes, I can only see the phenomenon, the black screen. No log view that tells me, what happens and believe me I don’t want to know it. I want to handle it with the touchscreen and the output should be shown on the touchscreen.
For the beginning I just want a working calendar and a working popular (!) messenger, like Signal.
And for the following read the results of the votes on fund-your-app

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