Reminders on the Librem5?

In preparation for the Librem5 I am taking a critical look at how I use my device and trying to see any uses that may be worth bringing up here as suggestions for inclusion. Something I am hoping to see would be an easy to use reminders system. An app o widget that basically you click and can store a reminder easily.

I realize this is easier said than done, but I have to say reminders are a really critical productivity tool I use and it would be very useful. Does anyone have any apps they use that are good for this apart from google stuff that respects privacy?

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If the Librem 5 will be running GNOME, then Evolution will be built-in. It has the functionality you described.

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To the extent that they will already fit on the screen or be adapted (with Adrien’s changes to GTK), I believe this would be done with (or to a lesser extent, But those are todo and memo systems, if you need a time-critical reminder that would be from, but the notifications spawned by Evolution need love; at least work has been started to move the handling to GNOME Shell but I wonder how that’ll play out with the GNOME Calendar + Phosh combo, so I’ll let the devs know about that while I’m at it.