Remote Access / LogMeIn - Teamviewer

Anyone using either of these or a semblance of for remote access with their Purism laptop?

GNOME Boxes supports VNC, RDP, and SPICE protocols for remote viewing. That generally covers my needs.

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Would this allow remote access to a windows laptop?

I believe typically Windows machines use the RDP protocol, so it should, yes. Though obviously the Windows machine needs to be configured to allow the remote connection.

Time to reveal my newness to PureOS and Linux, I need to remote into my Moms laptop to help her with issues she maybe having. Will I be able to do this with Boxes? I have a Librem 13 v4.

Thanks taylor-williamc

I can test this later this evening to make sure

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For what you’re describing TeamViewer does have a .Deb package that should work on the Librem without issue. I doubt this is truly free/libre software, but it is a familiar tool when coming from windows.

RDP is not going to be practical for your scenario as you would not be screen sharing, but rather straight remote access blanking out her screen, and would need to poke a hole in her firewall to get that remote access.


I just installed Team-Viewer and it gives a warning “Wayland detected, will not be able to remote control” and indeed when I try to remote into it from my other computer, I just get a black screen. I’m guessing this is an issue with TeamViewer, as indicated here:

What’s interesting is I have a desktop running Linux Mint which doesn’t encounter this issue. Not being familiar with exactly what Wayland does, I’m not sure if that’s the difference or if there’s some kind of hardware difference, or what.

In any case, I’ll try to get Boxes to do its thing and hopefully that’ll resolve the issue.

Of course you could have also followed the link below “Wayland detected”, which would have brought you to

Which includes an explantion and even a workaround … :wink:

Installed the .deb and its working like a charm.

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I got the same message. However, I’m not planning on having my laptop accessible so its not a problem.

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Teamviewer should work, on Purism. My buddy got it working to access files remotely last month.


Teamviewer works on Ubuntu (64 bit) from the .deb package available on the Teamviewer web site at . I expect it would work on other operating systems in the Debian family, such as PureOS, but … there is no substitute for testing; and note the above comments about Wayland v. X.