Remote management, deployment, and enterprise stuff

Iam looking to buy 100 Librem5’s and use as my fleet instead of Apple product Iam currently using. With that said, will Librem5 support remote management config, wipe, app push an so much capabilities? Apple is great. Android is OK. How will Librem5 fair? Thanks to all replies in advance.

Based on everything I have read, I doubt there will be any MDM style support in the initial version.

Some of the management features of other devices probably won’t work on a device like the librem5. (Without taking special steps.) If the user is in full control of the device, they could easily disable any MDM software that is installed. However, it is unclear (to me) at this point what kind of support there will be for different users. Will it be possible to lock super users using a password only an admin knows, and force users to use a standard user account? If so, then it might be possible to do what you are asking for.

Unfortunately, an MDM product would require a significant amount of work to build. You are probably either going to need to find a bunch of developers that want to build a fully open source one, or you will have to download and install it manually and possibly have to pay for it.

If I were in your shoes, I’d probably order one, and keep a close eye on how things develop. (FWIW - My “day job” is writing software that helps manage devices. I’ve been pushing my management to let me add support for the Librem 5 (which appears it would be EASY as it is mostly standard linux components, for the part I work with). I have not been able to get much traction from management though. I suspect because there isn’t a large enough base of devices to make it worth the time to support. :frowning: )