Remove and replace keys in Librem 13 v3 keyboard

How do I remove and replace a key in Librem 13 v2 keyboard safely without a risk of breaking it? - In particular - space bar key. The left half of the space bar in the laptop I have just received doesn’t respond and I’m looking into fixing it myself, but I don’t want to break anything.

Moreover sooner or later the keyboard will need some cleaning, so it would be nice to have guidelines how to remove and replace different keys in the keyboard.


You might find some helpful info in this thread:

Thanks, that helped a bit, indeed. It least I’ve got the clue how to tackle this despite space bar is different from regular key. I have managed to remove and replace space bar without breaking it. Although I haven’t fixed it either. There’s a single button in the middle of the space bar. No wonder pressing space bar at the edges doesn’t work. Maybe I would have to put something under the key so it responds better…

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So basically you lever key up on each of the edges, which detaches outer catches, and again, to release inner catches. It needs more force than other key, but the way I’ve done it, it did not break anything.

Now I just wonder how to make this key more responsive.

I have a broken hinge–where can I get replacements?

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I found some sites on the net where you could buy replacement keys for all major brand laptops. Purism/Librem is of course not listed.

Would by chance somebody know if they are the same as some major brand or what the exact technical description of these key types would be?

The reason is that I’d need a Swiss keyboard which is not available at all. But I would only seriously considering a librem 13 when I know there’s a more or less reliable way to get a Swiss keyboard layout.

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