Swapping keycaps for the librem 13 v2 keyboard


I’ve rebound a couple of keys to suit my habits, and I’d like to swap the physical keycaps to match. I expect I can just lever up the top and there’ll be some plastic catches underneath.

Is there anything I should look out for, before I go snapping off things?

Photos of the keys without the tops would be lovely, if anybody’s already done that.


And the answer is… lift vertically on the right hand side, and slide out to the left horizontally, on the left hand side.

They’re a scissor switch mechanism, same as on many laptops now. You can see the vertical clip on the right hand side here. The keys are flipped down towards me.


Is it possible to order custom or replacement key caps?


I saw that there is a German Keyboard option available again.

So I asked the support directly if I can order a replacement keyboard. Unfortunately the answer was:
“Sadly, it isn’t possible to simply replace the keyboards, nor do we sell keyboards separately.”

I don’t know the exact background as I thought that Purism assembles the machines on their own in San Francisco.
Now I saw this thread and it sounds/looks even easier to simply replace some keys which does not fit. I will start/test with z and y ;-).

I inadvertently popped a keycap off one day. I have the Librem 15v3. Oddly, my keys are arranged perpendicular to the ones in the photo above and I actually broke one of the miniature clips on part of the scissor connector. Even so, I was able to re-install fairly easily by first setting the bottom of the scissor to the raised position and lowering the scissor mechanism on the underside of the keycap, aligning them carefully, and then pressing down firmly. Hope this is helpful!

I tried this today as well and from my perspective you need very steady hand to swap the keys and not break any of the really fine connectors. After I was afraid that I broke something (I removed the whole white connector parts, which are still on the laptop on the picture). So I would not really recommend to remove keys if you don’t really know what to do.

If you still want to try:
It is like @soundboard6 said. The scissor connectors are on the bottom of the keys (the side which is nearest to your body - I have a Librem 15rev3 as well) so when you follow the description of @kate you should lift the key on the lower side (until the scissor connector is “disconnected”). After that you have to slide the key upwards (in the direction of the display) to release the key completely.

The key I removed and reassembled is arranged like the first one in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaFg60ZPpPs (00:00 until 01:11). In the video the call the scissor connectors -> narrow clips.

To put in back in begin with the upper side, slide it down (in the direction of your body) and connect the scissor connectors/narrow clips by just pressing the key down.

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I’ve broken a hinge and need to order a replacement… Any tips as to make/model/type?

Not an exact hint, but I have just read about an internet shop where you can by single notebook keys (disclaimer: I am not connected in any way to this company):


Does anyone know how to remove the large left Shift key on Librem 15v4? It’s making a squeaking noise and I want to clean it. Potentially the space key as well.