Remove icon from app launcher

I installed tor browser from the dpkg downloaded from the tor project website. When I tried to move the files to opt in order to add start-tor-browser.desktop to the app launcher, it didn’t work.

I moved all the files back to the downloads folder. I can start the browser form there in terminal. Works fine.

But my problem now is I have an icon in the all apps launcher that points nowhere and that I cannot delete. It is not in usr/share/applications and I cannot find it. It isn’t a tor icon either: it’s a globe of the earth with a mouse pointer on it. The text on the icon is Tor setup but right-clicking it says it cannot find start-tor-browser.desktop, so it is trying to point to that, but it isn’t there.

Now that I am happy starting it from the terminal, can anyone let me know how to clean up this icon from the launcher?

Is it under ~/.local/share/applications/?

I looked there too and usr/local/share/applications only has folders named Certificates, Fonts and Man

Fortunately it had only been a day since I got my secondhand Librem 13, so I clean-installed