Remove keyboard shortcut <Alt>-<Shift> for changing input source

How do I clear this out? The input sources settings reference the keyboard shortcuts settings. I’ve already removed the two input source change shortcuts, which weren’t set to <Alt>-<Shift> to begin with anyway. I’m an Emacs user and this is super annoying.

Do you have multiple input sources, or are you experiencing issues even with only one?

In GNOME Tweaks->Keyboard and Mouse, is “Show Extended Input Sources” set to on or off?

I didn’t notice anything weird in the PureOS VM I have, but I’m not sure if I’d be able to reproduce it there or not.

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I use US English with Dvorak, and keep Qwerty around as a courtesy to others.

I just turned on Extended Input Sources. No change. (Though I did see the Emacs keyboard shortcuts settings. Turned it on. Thanks for that!)

What’s weird is that the Languages settings specifically reference <Alt>-<Shift> being set in the Keyboard settings for shortcuts, and it’s there with a default of a different shortcut.

Found it!

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Ah, nice find. Glad you got it resolved!