Remove POP and replace with Pure on a Pure system?

I have 3 HDDs using only 2 with partitions. 3rd
I have PURE O/S, Pop O/S, and Ubuntu.
The only updated are Pure and Ubuntu. Support for POP is gone.
There are images to show HDD layouts/partitions.
If this is not the place to ask this, if you know of a better place, I’d be happy to try there too.

To replace obsolete POP w/ trusted OS - Mint possibly?

I have no clue how to replace the space that POP used with another OS without wiping other drives or partitions by mistake.

Pic attached is of the HDDs and how they’re laid out.

Thanks for reading this and especially if you can help :slight_smile:


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First is to identify which disk pop is using. Then just install to that disk (I’m assuming, maybe incorrectly? that pop has its own disk, its hard to tell what you’ve got going on there).

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Based on my post here you would need to create PM toward myself and let us know, after inviting @Gavaudan to this PM (or rather vice versa - invite myself to this PM), output of sudo fdisk --list after logged into PureOS. When I have more time I might check this output (nothing promising).

Until than, I’m not familiar with Pop!_OS but if you are referring to your /dev/sda3 partition, in order to have it used again, that I assume needs to be reused again (within your current Linux installation/setup, please keep it as is) you might want to proceed with following:
sudo umount /dev/sda3
sudo mkdir /mnt/PartSDA3
sudo mount /dev/sda3 /mnt/PartSDA3
cd /mnt/PartSDA3
ls -la −− check content of this partition, now you can use Nautilus as well (under Other Locations), transfer files that you perhaps need on some safe place.
cd ~
sudo umount /mnt/PartSDA3

Above introduction into your non-mounted sda3 partition is important for yourself. Now my suggestion would be to make it as free space, perhaps by using GParted and expand your /dev/sda4 partition over this 538 MB FAT (not to be used any more as is at this point of time) partition.

And, as you are already advanced user there, please just do not to think about third Linux distribution over there until above solved (on first HDD with Disklabel type: dos). Although Debian 12 (work-in-progress version) sounds fine to me, just avoid reusing /dev/sda for something/anything else.

P.S. You brought PureOS to work on non-Purism hardware fluently, therefore please do not think about braking this installation with unnecessary “force” to have there additional Linux distribution that actually/perhaps you do not need (I guess). Just booting other distribution live-image on this PC is the way to rethink your next step …

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