Removing all traces of the name Debian can bust things

I was trying to install the Pulse Secure VPN client on my Librem 13 but the install failed because /etc/os-release does not mention Debian at all.

In all fairness, the Pulse Secure client package is a steaming pile of dog crap, as the post-install file appears to be used in every distro’s package and as such, uses these distro-specific files to determine which distro it’s being installed to. While I am re-packaging the client in a proper manner, I cannot imagine this is the only package that looks for some trace of “debian” to determine specifics about the OS. Thoughts?

Not really a solution for the removing debian problem, but did you try using openconnect instead of the official pulse client? I was using it for a pretty long time without any issue instead of Pulse.


That’s a legit tip! :slight_smile: I use that as well and it’s in the PureOS repos.

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Oh dang! Does it support MFA? If it does, I will try it tonight!

If MFA means multi factor autentication:

I’ve used it with multi-factor auth using a app and pin on Android.

Do I need to extract any certificates?

Hmm, I’ll need to checkout OpenConnect. The lab I work at uses Pulse for whatever reason, and the Linux binaries they provided didn’t work so well. Hopefully OpenConnet beats the Windows VM I have set aside just for the rare VPN use I need :slight_smile:

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My Pulse Client takes a username and password. Then I enter MFA. I am hoping to get this figured out tonight.