Rename Liibrem Phone as Librem n″

All other purism products at the time have a numeral name, why not librem phone too? suppose the number of inch in display will be 5 it should be Librem 5.

Imagine Librem 15, Librem 13, Librem 11 and now Librem 5. it seems to be more aesthetic.

And also have the fact of maybe Librem phone doesn’t come with a baseband, will be more a pocket computer than a true telephone.

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An interesting idea Carlos, thanks for sharing it with us.

Kind regards

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That naming sequence is the intention, and has always been. We just don’t yet know the screen size :slight_smile:

Screen size was as survey question, so we could shop that with screen and case suppliers. Once we settle on the screen size, then we also will settle on the name.

Librem 5 is very likely.

Thanks for caring enough to post your thought!


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