Rename PureOS Store

I totally understand why you named PureOS Store that way and that’s ok, but could you consider other names? It isn’t a store, right? We don’t have to be like Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


What does differ from a store? Why is the name not OK?

First, I should point out that the OP specifically said “…and that’s ok”.

Do you intend to buy anything in it? For the most part, the word “store” tends to imply a “retail establishment which sells items to the public”. If they aren’t selling software, I don’t think it’s a

I would call it a “Software Repository”. But if I wanted to get into promoting a brand and didn’t want to have a tight tie of the name to its function, I might try to link up to Free as in both Freedom and Price. Maybe FreeShop or FreeZone or FOSSapalooza or … [Aside: FreeStore is already trademarked, multiple places]

I am curious what name would you like it?

I seening you here on many post to recommending X things to Purism i thankfull for; But please consider that PureOS is Free Software for Free Software peoples, if you are not a GeNUine Free Software user don’t disturb here and go for Fedora, Debian, Suse, Ubuntu.
Returning to the topic, i consider that the phrase Store is viable in the sense that nothing is free and that Purism is considering adding a payment option for free software apps in the store.
Also the term “Pure” is used to refer to something purely Libre Software

Richard Stallman once referred to opensource software as “free as in freedom of speech, not free beer”. For most of us who are not contributors of new software, all we care about is the metaphorical free beer. Several of our paradigms need to change as we head in to this free territory. We don’t “Google” anything, we do web searches. Neither does Purism’s app store sell anything. Until people get used to the new paradigms, why not continue using old names and phrases that people will recognize?

I propose a possible change to Purism’s app store that might be appropriate. Set up an optional login and credit card set up in to the Purism app store. On each app, list a recommended donation value. Those who find that a particular app has value to them can elect to pay the recommended donation value for the app. Let Purism decide who should get that donated money or they could in good conscience, keep the money themselves. Maybe the donations could go to those who make the app work on the Librem 5. Donations could be made before downloading the app, or a person could return later (long after installing the app) if they want to, to make their donation for the app. If I find an app to be particularly valuable, I have no problem paying for it and might even feel better about paying for it as opposed to always being a mooch. I would bet that a lot of others feel the same way. One added value to the phone owner could be that if you ever need to, you could log in to the app store and in the same way that Google provides, the store knows what apps you’ve paid for and installs them all for you automatically. In this way, no opensource software that is free now ever has to be paid for. But that shouldn’t stop Purism from allowing donations and offering value-added services for the same software. Maybe the recommended donation for a given app is two dollars. But some users decide that for them, it’s worth paying ten dollars. Then promote a culture that encourages users to donate. If the culture is carefully cultivated over time, eventually, a donation might become the norm for all except the poorest or most greedy of users.


Free Market

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Oh, you are right - sorry to OP!

GNOME software had the disussion about their name and if I recall correctly they chose ‘App Center’ as their new name for the future.

Purism is working on integrating payments so everything which implies ‘free’ would to my mind cause massive confusion. Normal users don’t understand the difference between free as non-paid and free as in free software.

With the long term goal being to attract users from non-linux platforms, there’s value to using a similar naming scheme. Having the PureOS branding when trying to show a cohesive experience also makes sense to further that goal.

From there, as adoption improves maybe renaming makes sense, but in the short term I think the naming is in line with the stated goals.


What do you mean by this?

They can add a payment option, that’s fine, but that doesn’t change the fact that I think it’s just a package repository. Store is not a descriptive term at all here in the world of Linux distributions.

Payment option is completely fine.

So, I’m not only one that thinks PureOS Store isn’t a descriptive term :slight_smile:

You aren’t, but most people just don’t care enough to answer with “agree”.


Why not? As is stated in one of the replies:

Purism is considering adding a payment option for free software apps in the store

I call it apt :joy:

I consider that renaming anything is usually not a productive idea - unless the current name is horrendously confusing. If nothing else, renaming something confuses your existing base.

You are of course free to rename it on your phone.

This could be a fun topic. The right name could attract more users. I too was always put off by the word “store” in that it implies something to be purchased.

  • Peoples Commissary?
  • Librem Bazaar?

Yes. There’s nothing more entertaining and less productive than bikeshedding! Sadly, I do it way too much :wink:

Sorry, as you might expect, Bazaar as a FOSS project is already taken:

Part of the GNU Project, Bazaar is free software sponsored by Canonical. For a closer look, see ten reasons to switch to Bazaar.

Sadly, it has been swamped out by git.

I love it. This has my vote. Not that voting by the “People” seems to be relevant for such things.

When I suggest a payment options for apps, I have to stress the word “option”, meaning not required. Also, I am just a customer who doesn’t (and can’t) represent Purism. I just don’t choose to be a perpetual mooch if the value to me is high enough. I am not there yet, but the store is headed on the right direction. Did anyone at Purism suggest a payment option for the app store also?