Repelling mosquitos

On Android there are probably several applications like this one:

(the link should give the English version)
I guess it should be trivial to use a command line one-liner to make audio play sounds on the frequencies repelling mosquitos. True? Is it easy to do with L5?

Crickets also help. So to mimic crickets may be another interesting and not so annoying option.

I’m sorry but I read it doesn’t work!

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@antonis, I wouldn’t get my hopes up. :rofl:

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what a roller coaster of excitement followed by heart crushing disappointment.


What a pity. Hope dies last :smiley:


Fear not! All is not lost…

You could always try to build your own trap (or repellent), you can find some recipes to create them with plastic bottles and different ingredients

Spoiler alert : your android phone or librem5 will be useless for the trap :wink:

Well, if the apparatus is designed for human senses, logic dictates it can be used to distract, repel and/or connect humans. Mosquitos are attracted mostly by smells according to studies, so, if L5 would have a feature or a connected device to manipulate smells (around or of the user), that might work (maybe in Fir? Internet of Smells, anyone?). In the mean time, using L5 to play classical music may work best repelling teenagers. Using L5 to slap the little sh*ts (mosquitos) to repel them has not been studied but is not advisable. :mosquito: :bomb:


Or surround yourself with some of these predators (animals and plants) … [CAUTION: The link includes a large close-up of a spider.]:

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I dunno, L5 should have enough mass to squash a bug when dropped on it… (think Wiley Coyote style :laughing:) Not advisable, though - the L5 may end up squashing you :wink: (Wiley Coyote style)

have tried that. Does not work. The best solution, if electricity is available, is a good fan :slight_smile:

And a mosquito net over your bed, while sleeping.

(Result: lemon eucalyptus :+1: )

Other articles/videos: mosquito repellent | Health Topics |


The idea was to avoid chemicals using the L5. Since this cannot work the solutions are a net, a fan, or let them bite :grinning:

In any case thank you for the link. It sounds very interesting and good to know.

Around here, eucalyptus is not a “chemical”. :slight_smile:


Eucalyptus is not. But the products labeled as “oil of lemon eucalyptus” are enhanced with a lab produced chemical which exists naturally in lemon eucalyptus but not at the desirable level. So I am not sure what the word “chemical” means…

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