Replace Android


Hello everybody,

I have a simple question : can I replace Android with PureOs on my smartphone ?

Thank you !


Okay, here is a simple answer: no. :slight_smile:


To elaborate a bit on @mladen’s answer, your phone wouldn’t be compliant with PureOS, and you don’t want (yet) PureOS on your phone.

First, your phone’s driver probably are not free and/or not supported by the average linux (and PureOS, which is based on debian). Under these conditions, it is quite hard to fit a Linux distribution on your phone.

Second, PureOS is made for the desktop at the moment. Purism’s hard work and efforts will make it mobile friendly in the coming year. If you want a Linux (non-Android) replacement for your phone, Plasma Mobile seems to be your best bet. Although it’s not suitable for daily use.


Okay, thank you for your answers. I’m looking for an alternative to Android. Because I’ve looked at some of them, but they’re not necessarily supported anymore. Of you have an idea…


if you are looking for an android alternative repecting your privacy, the only choice is the librem5


My first question would be: Why do you want an Android alternative?

Are you tired of Google controlling everything? There are plenty of non-google android roms out there.
Do you long for an FSF endorsed phone operating system? Try
Do you want a GNU/Linux operating sytem now? Try Plasma Mobile. They already have a product you can use. This will require a Nexus phone.

Simply put, there are options to hold us over until PureOS and the Librem 5 are released.


@blendergeek points out very valid alternatives.

Currently, I’m using LineageOS without Google Apps on my Nexus 5 because:

  • Replicant has limited hardware support
  • Plasma Mobile is not yet ready for daily use: many features only lack polishing, some crucial (the battery usage as an example) are not suitable for an actual use

The best plan I’ve come with so far:

  1. Backing the Librem 5
  2. Raising the awareness wherever I can about the Librem 5. The more backers it gets, the more resources Purism has to develop the phone, the better the phone will be
  3. Actively participating in building a welcoming community. I believe finding a kind, active and helping community is a priceless difference when buying a product
  4. Keeping using something usable (not always convenient) in the meantime. I will convince no one if they can’t relate. Being the tinfoil hat of the group doesn’t help convincing people that privacy matters


I would share that installing PureOS on existing hardware would be a really important step for me before I could buy the Librem 5. I can’t afford to purchase hardware that I end up not being able to use as a primary phone, and would really need the opportunity to test it out as a daily driver on an existing phone, where worst case I could reinstall Android. I understand that setup doesn’t give all of the benefits that the Librem 5 hardware gives, but it still gives an incremental step to test out this completely different software stack.

I understand that this won’t be a priority for the Purism team, but I don’t think it’s helpful to pretend there aren’t any good reasons to install PureOS on different hardware.