Replace internal microphone or input jack on v13

The internal microphone stopped working long ago. Since the 3.5mm jack on v2 doesn’t support sound input, I currently carry around an USB camera with mic. It’s just so cumbersome.

I would love to fix this. Can I do any of this?

  1. Replace the soundcard to upgrade the 3.5mm jack to support input (v2 does not support line in)
  2. Replace the broken internal microphone

I’m guessing only the latter is possible. Have anyone done this?

My mic has also stopped working, so would be interesting to know how to replace it.

There was a thread on this a while back about replacing the headphone jack on a Librem 15. Someone found a close fit on eBay:

Replacing it, at least, should be possible.

Hi all, regarding replacing the jack in the sound board, that can be done in some cases with soldering.

But regarding getting spare parts, you can also contact us at: