Replacement and upgrade parts, availability

I’m really eager to buy one these wonderful librem and I read on your website :
“Replacement and Upgrade Parts
Once we are shipping the Librem 13, we will also offer replacement and upgrade parts for sale.”
Fine. As you know, the librems come with a price and that doesn’t matter that much IF I’m sure I can get it fixed and consider it as long term investment. For this reason I would love to know what is inside the “replacement and upgrade parts”, and know how long it takes to get one shipped, the price tag, etc…
I suppose potential customers concerned with the price would value this information in order to make their final choice :).

The “replacement and upgrade parts” is likely to be:

  1. motherboard
  2. wireless card
  3. ram
  4. sata drive
  5. m.2 drive
  6. battery (within the US)*
  7. power adapter

Once we get our own store front added, planned before June of 2016, then we will be able to provide exactly what will be available and at what price. Shipping of parts would be two weeks from order.

I hope that helps!

  • Note: new(er) restrictions on shipping just batteries not inside equipment, make it cost prohibitive to ship batteries internationally.

Thanks for your quick reply, that’s what I wanted to know.
If my computer screen gets broken or smashed, I won’t have the opportunity to order a new one from your company with the features that I enjoyed like the kill switch and all of it being open source then.
It still sounds like I want one.
Thanks for implementing new standards in this industry !

What are the specifications for compatible RAM and m.2 drives? I’d like to know the possible future upgradability before purchasing.

Specifically, does the M.2 22*80 slot(s) support PCI-e SSDs, or just SATA? And what form factor for DDR-3L?

I’m struggling to find a single 16GB module compatible with Librem 13.

I’ve been looking for DDR3/DDR3L SODIMM 1600 Mhz 16GB but had no luck.

Can you please let me know a Manufacturer producing a 16GB module compatible with Librem 13?

Well in my part of the world june 2016 is over.
Any news about a shop with spare parts or at least links to place where we can buy them?

So I ordered the spare power brick (emphasis on brick) for the librem 13 from the crowd supply web-site and … my god … it’s the biggest power brick I’ve had for any device in a long time! Twice as large as the base one that ships with the librem. Does anyone have any insight as to why it’s so ginormous?

Rebecca, thanks for warning about the size of the one we can order on crowdsupply! I obviously want to get extras that are not bigger than the one that came with my Librem.

I’ve been looking for DDR3/DDR3L SODIMM 1600 Mhz 16GB but had no luck

Only Intelligent Memory sells such things :

cheers, HS