Replacement Librem 15v4 Battery Unavailable

My 17-month old Librem 15’s battery has stopped accepting a charge. I see that there is no stock for battery “U753-TS44-111” anywhere in the world right now. I understand that supply chains are under stress because of the pandemic, but this is seriously disappointing that my laptop is now unusable without being plugged in, and for how long? Nobody knows.

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did you contact Purism support (support@) and see if a replacement was available?


Yes, and they answered that Purism is out of stock and “in the process of restocking them”. But no estimate of when the battery will be back in stock was provided.

I also had an old Dell laptop that the battery died. It was so bad that even keeping it plugged in no longer worked. (I don’t know what causes that, you’d think there’d be some alternate bypass circuit instead of a pass-thru.)

Planned obsolescence? Corporate greed? :slight_smile:

In many laptop models, they will work if you disconnect the battery. For my T450s, I had to disconnect the internal battery because it was no longer able to charge, but then it was able to work normally as long as it was plugged in.

I tried that too, been around.

In case others ends up here, they are in the Purism Shop and currently in stock


Same issue here. I cannot use my librem 15 without the wall charger. battery is totally dead. cannot find replacements anywhere. Today is March 13, 2023. Is there some similar alternative battery that will work and is also available? Is this battery discontinued? Whats the deal here?

Email support, they sell spare parts as a side hustle. If they still have them.

I have a 15v4, and I’m pretty much expecting that noone is going to make these batteries any more. There just isn’t going to be a big enough market to justify the cost for a manufacturer. In my searches, I learned that this battery was originally for some Dell laptop. and become a generic battery for other laptops. But, Dell doesn’t make their laptop and there isn’t a big enough market for L15’s. so, I don’t expect much. I was able to find a refurbished battery a year or so ago. And I baby this battery. not let it go below 30%, and try to keep it a max of 80 or 90. But, that means constantly monitoring it.

I think this will be a challenge for purism products in general. the L14 and L5 will be supported for the near future, until the next generation of those category of devices comes out. Then purism is going to be at the mercy of external market forces they can’t control. It’s the nature of this industry I think. And, so, we will need to get used to having laptop’s that constantly need to be plugged in. Unless someone comes up with an external battery solution that is not dependent upon form factors that would fit inside of our devices. Because many of these are going to be custom designed for outdated laptops.

I agree that there’s a generic risk there, and there’s not much that Purism can do about it.

At least with the Librem 5, you could more reasonably use a powerbank externally.

And at least with more recent hardware, you won’t have to monitor it constantly because it is more within your control to tell the hardware to keep to those percentages. (However even with babying, the battery won’t last forever I suppose.)

For a couple of weeks, I’ve noticed that my Librem 15 v4 (bought in 2019) may suddenly run out of battery when displayed battery level goes down to 40% to 45%.

Aceyoon ACY-L2 20000X external battery (set at 19.5 V) works for me, so I can still use my Librem 15 in trains without power plugs. I’ve got this battery a couple of days ago and haven’t tested it long enough to determine its life time with Librem 15.