"Reply" not always working properly

Hey, lately I see this problem quite frequently that when I click on “Reply” to someone on a thread (and not to the thread) there is no link that shows that I’m replying to that specific person, it’s very minor but it can be annoying when a discussion is joined by a lot of people.


I noticed this too. Only thing is, since lots of other sites also use Discuss now, I can’t remember what’s “normal” on each one.

I signed up on LXQt forum, then Ubuntu’s Discuss, then here, and then 5 other sites.

It’s all a blur now and I can’t remember if that was ever a thing here. :grin:

It definitely used to happen here. I’m wondering if it’s related to the same oddness in which many of the user icons don’t appear to load.

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I thought that was just me. Good to know. :grin:

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Has anyone figured out what’s causing this? It’s been happening to me for months and seems to be random. The only thing I can think of is that it seems to happen more frequently if I take a while to finish typing my response.

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I think it’s “Discourse” but I have occasionally noticed this too. Does this mean I am occasionally noticing it or that it is occasionally happening ?

Does it make a difference whether you quote any text from the reply?

Anyway, as you can see, it is working either way at the moment.

Nope, see for example Forced Presidential Alerts on your Librem 5 (that’s a link to a specific reply, not the top of the thread). It shows up in my profile’s “Replies” category but doesn’t have the link in the top right.

Sorry, I meant: it is working either way at the moment for me.

Strangely though when I follow your link to your post, the post is linked correctly to the post to which you were replying. More specifically though, it is the quoted text in your post that is linked, not the post itself. There is a difference in the user interface here, presumably because once you start quoting text, you can reply to more than one post in your post, and hence each piece of quoted text needs to be linked to a post.