Report Issues for HEADS

I’m not sure where to put this so I’m starting here. Please move it to the appropriate forum if there is one.

The HEADS documentation at has a placeholder for reporting issues with HEADS. BUT it is just a placeholder. It says that issues cannot be reported because HEADs+Pureboot is in closed beta.

Since purism is shipping bundles with librem keys and presumably heads enabled or at the very least these forums are full of people trying to use pureboot it seems that a place to collaborate on issues would be extremely helpful.

Where should we be reporting/collaborating on HEADS/pureboot issues? I don’t want to add noise upstream at HEADS since purism has heavily modified it for pureboot unless they are expecting to work with the mods at this time.

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That is a question for @MrChromebox :smiley:

I think this should be externally accessible:

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Thank you for the Heads-up! :grinning: I may report a boot device choice saving issue that arose when I added a NVMe drive, when I manage to take a decent enough video and extract a frame from it to show terminal output.

thank you, I have posted my issue.

Please update the pureboot documentation with links and the criteria to know when to post to the issues link in the post above versus the upstream at

there’s no way I can come up with a set of criteria to determine if an issue is with Pureboot or upstream Heads. File it under Purism’s repo/issue tracker since that’s what you’re running. (same applies to issues with the standard coreboot firmware)

Please post the purism link on the documentation. ie. put

on this page

Keep the message about the closed beta but beta testers still need to report issues. otherwise, what is the point of having beta testers.