Report: Windows on librem 15v4

disclaimer: Ok, I know what you want to say. I agree with you.

deploy windows 10

  • Download windows iso image from M$, burn it to usb disk with dd, boot it with seabios.
    • no luck: I dont know why, but it refuse to boot.
  • Prepare a windows pe image with wimlib, boot the image with syslinux (grub can also do the job), deploy install.wim to target using dism (or you can prepare some other tools(exp. this one)).
    • dism forget to write MBR on target. Write it manually. It now can boot directly with seabios, or be chained by syslinux or grub.


  • wireless card works out of box. Waiting for windows update to install drivers.
  • for now, touchpad gesture does not work. cannot adjust backlight. everything else works.

deploy windows 7

  • Windows 7 ultimate from msdn. deploy with wim method. Istallation media not tested.
  • It runs. in vga mode. sound works. no network. no usb. Need to manually install drivers.
  • windows 7 does not support HiDPI. What a pity.


  • nothing, although it might be possible to install all the drivers.


  • even windows sucks with hd620 + 3840x2160@60. So I would probably let gnome run under 1080p after I cleaning up the playground. :smiley:

Doesn’t sound like you followed up on this, as it was really just a test to see if you could get it working, but did you ever get gestures working, and/ or be able to adjust the backlight?

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Has anyone else continued this? The two issues identified here are gestures and backlight control. The only real deal breaker is the lack of backlight control.

Kudos to everyone who is giving this a crack. Viva la Freedom!