Reporting and logging tools for the librem 5?


Given the nature of the phone, I would find really interesting and practical if purism could provide tools to log and create reports about the use of the phone and the app, in an attempt to track bugs and otherwise get data from the user’s behhavior in the hope of improving the reliability and usefulness of the phone and its eco-system.

Of course, these tools should be installed and managed by the user itself. Given the nature of the product and purism mission, this is a mandatory prerequisite.


I’ll go out on a limb and suggest that at the current point in time their own internal users find enough bugs to keep the developers busy.

Having experienced this kind of functionality under Ubuntu for bugs, I think the main challenge is informed consent. That is, if you only agree as a one-off to participate then it’s kind of a blank cheque. If it asks you every time (as Ubuntu does) then you have to wade through a lot of technical information (relating to the application failure) to decide whether it is going to be acceptable to let it send the bug report.

Ubuntu also has duplicate detection on the client side i.e. you can elect not to send the same bug twice. (I have no idea what the definition of “duplicate” is but obviously it would need some thought.)