Repositories - Updates


Since the new version of debian stable is released I do not get any updates. My sources list looks like that:

deb green main
deb landing main

any ideas?


You probably won’t see the updates that you were getting now that buster is stable.

I suggest checking into the forum discussion here. @jeremiah asked about a stable vs. a rolling release.


In debian testing there already updates. I thought PureOs would in some way follow debian testing and updates packages would land in landing. But my main point is, is my sources list o.k.? And btw, I voted for rolling release.


Your sources.list is okay. :slight_smile:
We’ll be posting updates about whether we create a new release and how to move from a stable release to a rolling release or vice versa.


I hope, there will be securiy updates. Will there be no updates in landing?


I received updates to some PGP packages this morning. That does not mean there are others that are not being updated, but here are some that were.


The same for me. Thank you.