Reputable XMPP servers?

I’m looking forward to using Chats with XMPP on my new Pinephone (and eventually my Librem 5 when it ships). However, I’m not sure how to use XMPP. From searching, I’ve gathered that XMPP is a messaging protocol and that I need to make an account on any one of various public servers to use XMPP ( Librem One advertises that XMPP is “coming soon,” but it also looks like it’s been “coming soon” for a while.

That said, I’d prefer not to make an account on a random server that I’ll be using for messaging. Also, nobody I know currently uses XMPP, so I’ll need to be able to point them toward a server and a straightforward “getting started” process to be able to message anyone with it. Are there any recommended servers to use for this?

Fair question. Why not directly contact Purism support to find out whether “coming soon” is any sooner now?

I’ll give it a shot. According to the GitLab ticket for Librem One XMPP it was supposed to be done by April 30th, but I’m sure that timeline has been thrown off by this year’s events.

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The Conversations (the XMPP free software android app) server seem to be a good choice
(I don’t use it myself, I had my own server and now I use Matrix).

About Librem One, is the Matrix server offer a XMPP bridge?

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I am using the XMPP server from the Free Software Foundation. You of course must be their member for this, so it’s not free. But I am not sure you can find anything more trustable (except hosting it yourself).