Request: Please Upgrade Hardware With Next Revision

I’ve made other posts that mention it, but I figure I’d make a new topic about this alone.

Main thing that’s keeping me from pulling the trigger at this point is cost-to-performance ratio.

Would much prefer to see a quad-core CPU introduced with the Librem 15v4.

If it really MUST remain dual-core for some reason, then at least update to Coffee Lake. But I imagine it’d actually be easier to bring in quad-core Skylake than it would be to introduce a new architecture, as I know changing architectures is problematic to your Intel ME cleaning and related efforts.

Also, please add an ethernet port if at all possible. I’m sure people that prefer a wired connection will thank you.

I’d understand a small bump-up in cost but nothing major. The laptops are very pricey as-is. I’d expect the base price to be around $1,799 rather than $1,599 I suppose. But that’s actually me giving Purism some slack because I know it costs more to run this kind of business that it does your average computer manufacturer.

Otherwise I’d find it crazy that $1,599 only gets you a dual-core to begin with.

Just wanted to put this out there. I plan on pulling the trigger with the next revision but may find myself torn if the specs are basically the same as there are now.

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I’d like to tack-on a 4K monitor as well. After seeing how smooth and crisp things display on a 4K I really would like to have that option in the Librem 15. I assume that modern integrated graphics can handle 4K as long as you’re not doing anything crazy with it.

At the very least 2K would be better than what there is currently…

Ya know, if these things can’t be offered stock, I’d love to at least have them as optional upgrades. What I really want is a 4K screen, quad-core and/or Coffee Lake processor, ethernet port, and NVMe memory + M.2 SSD, plus the TPM addon.

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