Reset Username Password Librem 15 Core Boot

Received my Lib 15 puter a few days ago and have been in the terminal configuring things like VPN and such.
I set the user name and PW up and encrypted the drive the first day.

Either I am goin nuts, and can no longer type correctly, or the PW works occasionally in the terminal. If you log in as su or sudo to run root, it doesn’t accept the PW…but it did when I logged into the OS. I only have one user set up.
I used complex PWs and would like to go back and change them to something simpler until I get the machine set up properly then switch it back, to something more secure again.
Anyone have an idea to get back into the set up menu and do some re-config?
Can you change the PW for the drive encryption?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

I suggest you contact Purism directly for formal support on

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Cool Beans! I will do that. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Pretty cool, tech support and everything! Was figuring that like most distros, it would be just me and the community.
Greetings from “Big Sky Country”. Wishing you a great Holiday!

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