Resetting Calls? and Chatty? (edit)

Is there a way to reset the calls and chatty application? I haven’t been able to make a call or sms since Wednesday. When I dial nothing happens and on the recent calls page it just creates a duplicate of the last call on top with the latest time. Many thank yous in advance. Other than this one little thing I’ve been enjoying my time with the L5.

Edited: Curious about chatty as well

Go to Settings - Mobile and look at the middle of the screen where you see Network Mode and Network. Has your network name disappeared from the Network field? If so, touch that field and on the next page, hit Set.

Although my network selection is set to automatic, for some unexplained reason it disappears sometimes. I might still see “4G” displayed in the notifications area, but calls and texts don’t go through.

No idea why this happens, unfortunately.

I don’t think I have ever seen anything in that field. I do see 2g 3g 4g constantly adjusting in the notification area. Just did an update for Calls unfortunately no luck in improvements. Totally off subject but Lollypop is great, probably my favorite application so far in terms of application layout and design. @amarok do you know of a place that we can give our feedback to write bug reports?

I think this is it:

RE the modem settings, did you try what I suggested?

You can thank @gusnan for his work. :slightly_smiling_face:


I wanted to do a screenshot but realized I don’t have the goodies installed yet to do so.

I looked and currently it’s a bare screen with automatic selected. I just tapped the “automatic” an it created a blank space below saying “choose network” with a reload icon then times out.

Thank you for such a great application @gusnan its very well done!

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@amarok, @brandonrosano - Well, I am not upstream, so you should really thank Cédric Bellegarde who is the upstream developer - But I have packaged it for Debian - that where PureOS gets it from.

So I have a little part in bringing it to you, but the major thanks should really go to Cédric. I’m just glad I could help!


Tap Set instead, if you’ve already chosen your carrier network at least once.

Slightly OT but I found that too opaque and so I haven’t raised any problem reports yet.

With a bunch of newbs getting their phones (and for the purposes of the phone we are all basically newbs), I think Purism needs to look into how this is going to work. They can get lots of duplicate and/or lame and/or misclassified reports - or they can miss out.

Perhaps at this stage the bugs are mostly obvious to spot (not to fix) and so they are able to generate enough bug reports in-house.

It may be better to just open a new topic here in the forum whenever a bug is found, then. A Purism rep can then advise.

Or send an email to support.

Perhaps Purism needs to say what they want.

The existing database of Issues can be used to attempt to work out whether the problem is already known but even that is hard work.

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I finally figured out what you were referring to about using “set” it worked. Thanks